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I will update this soon. I'm o_deanna over at LJ :), just in case you were wondering.

Interests (148):

19th century magic tricks, 60s sci-fi, agent cooper, alt country, aragorn's paper crown, arthur/merlin, arthurian legend, band of brothers, belle & sebastian, bonnie 'prince' billy, brideshead revisited, brotherhood 2.0, brutus, buster keaton, chamber pop, char aznable, char/garma, charladay, childermass, colin firth, colin meloy, collem west, comics, crazy boromir, crowley/aziraphale, dan/charlotte, daniel faraday, david tennant, david wenham, deadwood, derek acorah, desmond hume, desmond/penny, dick winters, doctor who, donkeys, doo-wop, dumbledore/grindelwald, edward gorey, faramir, firefly, fluff, folk, fringe, garma zabi, ghosts, gormenghast, gryffindor house, harold and maude, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, howl, howl's moving castle, jayne cobb, jayne's hat, jens lekman, jeremy davies, joe abercrombie, jonathan strange, kai shiden, katherine hepburn, knitting, kvothe/bast, leonard cohen, lewis nixon, lord of the rings, lost, lotr, lupus, lycanthropy, mal's trousers, malcolm reynolds, marauders, marcus brutus, mcgee, medium, merlin, merry's yellow waistcoat, merry/pippin, metal detecting, mobile suit gundam, morrissey, most haunted, ms gundam, ncis, neil gaiman, nick cave, nite owl ii, nixa, nixon/winters, of montreal, origami, pushing dasies, r.e.m., regulus/severus, remus lupin, remus/severus, remus/sirius, rome, ron livingston, sand dan glokta, sawyer, sawyer's dimples, sawyer's glasses, sawyer/juliet, sawyer/kate, scott walker, sea shanties, severus snape, severus/lily, shirley collins, shoebox project, silent films, sims 2, sirius black, sirius/regulus, sirius/remus, slash, sol star, songs:ohia, sparrows, speirs/lipton, tea, the b-52's, the decemberists, the first law, the handsome family, the last unicorn, the macabre, the magnetic fields, the princess bride, the sandman, the shins, they might be giants, twin peaks, unrequited!snape, ust, vertigo comics, vintage clothes, wash, wash's dinosaurs, watchmen, wes anderson, winters/nixon, withnail and i, withnail/marwood, wolves, wuthering heights
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